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June 17, 2010



Oh noooooo!!! So sorry to hear that Dawn. I know what that feels like, the whole head of my diamond came off after 24 years & I could never find the darn thing. We think that when I took off my gloves in the parking lot of the school it feel off there & I had all my cheerleader girls looking for it in the lot & at the gym. One of my girls noticed it while we were having a meeting before practice. I was devastated but hubby got me a new one for our 25th anniversary. Can't wait to see the NEW one girlie!


I forgot to mention how kool your card looks...I love it! Thanks for sharing & have a great party!


I was only joking yesterday when I said you lost your bracelet. I am so sorry about your ______. ( I don't want to ruin it for your fans who have not watched your amazing video.) Love your card! I am now going to my stamp room to case it for my brother's birthday card which is next week.

mary jo

Love the card; so sorry about your __________:~{ A new one will be nice but I have a soft spot for my "old" one that is somewhere. Have a great day. MJ


oh no Dawn thats to bad i hope you have insurance on it, my husband put it on all of my ____ (items) i guess it could happen to me but it hasnt yet thankfully!! love your blog Dawn!!


Dawn: sorry to hear about your loss. Time and a new one will heal the pain. Love the negative technique. Can't wait to try it. Thanks for the video.


So SORRY about your ring, I was just sick when you said that!I even gasped! :( A NEW ring is always fun to pick out, BUT I would still want my original Wedding Ring! I'm heading to my room to make your card, LOVE that technique! Have a good day!

Sheri C

BUMMER about your ring! But on the other hand, you guys look so awesome on that HOG. Have fun while Rich is home, be careful on the road, people don't watch for motorcycles like they should. BTW, tell Jess congrats on the garduation!

Terry Molineux

Dawn I am so sorry to hear about __________ but you can claim it on your homeowners policy if you have off premises coverage.....What a hubby he have a brother??

Sue duffy

Very cool, Dawn! And the Harley, too. So sorry about the diamond - how fast were you going?! LOL


Dawn this is so cool, I love it.

sandy freeman

Oh no... So sorry to hear about your diamond. That has happened to me twice already. But great news that means you will get a new one. Great pic of you and hubby. Love this card i will be making it for my hubby on his B-day.

Becky Green

I LOVE this card!!!!!!!! I remember when you did this! :) I've got to think of WHAT stamp image I have to do this one! :) (Did you ever get your ring replaced???? Mine popped out here at home & I was able to put it away... till we can have it fixed. I'm AFRAID to take it to a jeweler here. They're SOOOO FAR AWAY! What if the world goes to pot??? I'd NEVER get it back! HOPEFULLY, soon we can have it fixed! )Thanks Dawn!

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