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March 04, 2010


Kim Niska

I just love this Dawn!! This is something that would be perfect for a girl scout troop to make!! Or, any other child, so they could learn the blessings of giving to others. Thank you for this!!

Dolly Gunter

Just a thought and a bad memory re: pickle jars..... as a child my mother put left over peas in a pickle jar.... to this day I can't eat can peas for the thought of them being in that pickle jar... I don't know if she really really clean it or not.... but the thought of having pickled coins... YUCK.... but again that is probably just me.... I lovethe idea and will be staring mind soon... adding some extra for my late start.... love you and your ideas.... PS how do I get an invite to be with shelly, you need a Florida girl there don't you.....(just wishful thinking)


I love this idea. How creative and so cute. Can you imagine how much change you can save in a year for someone's Christmas present!

I think I'll make a couple of these for college kids.


We call this a Vegas bottle in So Cal!


Wow dolly you sure like to use... lol!!! That's fine I do it too... (hehe) Anyway, Dawn this is adorable i will soooooo do this, wish I could have started it in January for a full year of change! I wonder how much you can collect? probably a lot!!! :D

Linda Henry

This is really cute. My Granddaughters, now 5 and 1 1/2 have been saving all their lives. You give them a coin and they head straight for their money jar. This will make a cute jar for them to save their money.

Connie Smith

Loved the trick of using the tag punch to finish the end of the tag! Thanks Dawn!!


Great idea and the video is very helpful.
BTW, do you know you look like Paula Deen (the famous cook?)


This an amazing idea I am going to start one today.
Thankyou for the inspiration....love your site and your terrific tutorial videos.

Sandy Porter

Wonderful idea!! Graduation Jar!! Got one to graduate in 2011 & 2012 You could design it according to their school colors.

Becky Green

I KNOW where you got this idea!!!!!!!!!!! :) LOOKS GREAT! Thanks for the idea on the tag punch!!!!!!!!! :)

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