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February 26, 2010



REALLY GORGEOUS card!!! I love the bookmark idea! Fabulous!!!!!


Another wonderful card to send for spring! Thanks for the idea.

Tina Lockhart

This is AWESOME! I love the idea of the bookmark on the side. I admit I wasn't keen on that butterfly embosslit when it first came out - but now I think I need to get it. Thanks so much for sharing another wonderful idea. A CASE card for sure!

Carole Miller

WOW, a 2 in 1 card. I like that. Going to have to try that tomorrow. Thank you.


Kathryn Braun

This is great, what a neat gift to include a gift card to one of the bookstores! Or even attach to a book! Love it.

Mary Hicken

Dawn, I love this idea, and the colours you used are fabulous. I will be making a ton of these! Perhaps even for the kids at school for their birthdays.

Thanks, Mary


Great tuturial as always. But Dawn, one thing keeps puzzling me: Why do you always trim off so much ribbon? Maybe you are using the trimoffs for something else? or is this just the american way? Asks a frugal norwegian humbly.

Roberta Mezenski

Thank you again for another wonderful idea.
I so appreciate your talent and get so excited that I get up in the night to watch your tuturials. Roberta M.


i live in the uk how do i get your things

Mary Holmes

Like Simone I live in the UK how do I get stamping up products.


I am just in LOVE with this card... I would LOVE to see more ideas using the perforating tool... since I HAD to buy the cutter kit after seeing this video! And it's awesome! ...really hope to see another idea soon! I look forward to your blog every single day!!! Thank you for your inspiration! :)

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