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January 08, 2010



Super cute!!! I am soooo glad SU decided to do unmounted stamps!! I'm taking the wood blocks off of ALL my sets. {{ugh, big job!!}}


Very cute!! Love the new script on the sentiment stamps! Hope your hubby has a safe and uneventful trip back. And a (((HUG))) for you!


What a cute card, love the new unmounted stamps and that they are "rubber". Your videos are just so informative, thanks.
Hugs, Konnie

Joette McCawley

Dawn, I am wondering about the blocks. Which one do you use the most? and what block would be the one to purchase for the most use?
THank you!!!
I so love you videos!

Lilian Smith

I just wanted to say Thank You for sharing your amazing talent with everyone and also for your Sunday shares. I live in the United Kingdom so am not always able to buy the same supplies as you have in the US (I did ask my husband if we could re-locate!!!!)but I just so look forward to opening my emails from you.
Thank you for your inspiration


Hi and thank you for all the fun you share! Would it be possible for us overseas fans to shop from you?


Such a pretty gift card. Thanks for the info on cleaning the stamps.

Ter ;)

Kim S

Hi Dawn! Super cute idea!!! Could you post a picture with the card open showing the bag?
Thanx muches!

Iley Burkett

I have learned so much from you.


LOVE the card. Is the bag open on the top and bottom (did you measure from the top and then cut or measure from the bottom and cut??). Hard to tell from the video.


hello its so nice to see the video...i just want to ask where to buy those nice stamps and punchers that have different designs...I'm from Philippines and i love to have those things...thank you

Deanna Wetz

Very cute, wonder tho if a white lunch bag might look better. Could be a great Birthday card using little goodie bag for $$ or gift card. Thanks for share your talent I so enjoy your lessons.

 Becky Green

LOVE this variation! Thanks Dawn!!!!! :)

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