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December 12, 2009



Thank you for all your videos and congratulations on your 300th. Hers's to the next 300.

Jean Jecmen

Start my day with viewing your latest creation, and when there is no video makes for a long day. Thanks loads.


SO excited that S-Up will have the CLEAR stamps available SOON!!! YEA!! Still love my wood mounted stamps, but sometimes it's hard to "guesstimate" exactly where the image will "land" as I call it...hahahaha

You did an awesome job (as usual) with the vide tutorial..very helpful and well explained. Thanks SO much!!

God Bless You and Your Family..Happy Holidays!! Take care, Jo

Sandy Danziger

Happy 300th!!!
You do an amazing job with your website! Your projects and videos are wonderful!
Quick question about new clear mounts...if you can't use staz on, how do you clean permanent ink off the stamps?
With appreciation, Sandy


Thanks for sharing this info. Now I have a better understanding of how to start off using these stamps. Really looking forward to using them. Thanks.

Karen A.

I start everyday checking out your website. Thank you so much for sharing all of your wonderful ideas. Congratulations on #300. Wow! Wishing you the blessings of peace, faith and love this Christmas.Enjoy this special time with your family.


Congratulations on your 300th video. I have been stamping for about a year and came accross your site. Not only has your videos given me great ideas, my family members if they happen to be in the living room with me, get a chuckle on your enthusiam for each project, especially, when you say Loove... it. Thankyou for posting.


WOW!! 300!! And I have watched (and learned from) all 300 videos. Congratulations and thank you for all the info.


What an inspiration you are!!!Happy 300th video!!! I love watching your videos for all of you creative ideas and your oh so witty ways. You make learning a fun experience just by being you. Thank you for bringing your faith in God into all that you do, we don't see that enough anymore. God Bless you Dawn as you go about each and every day...may you have 300 more AWESOME video's. Keep doing what you are doing!!!

Nancy Fair

Dawn, Congrats on making 300 videos. You do such a good job with them. I am so excited that SU is offering unmounted rubber! I have been using them unmounted for several years and storing them in CD cases, but it takes me longer to get them all mounted on the cling foam and in a labeled CD case, so I can't wait for these! I just keep my clear acrylic blocks lined up on the shelf right in front of me so they are handy to grab.

Jean Jackson

Congratulations Dawn on your 300th video milestone. Your videos are always so great! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent. I can't wait to get my hands on the clear mount stamps. Stampin'Up has done it again...


Very helpful video, thanks for taking the time to teach.
So happy that SU is coming out with cling mounts as that gives me more room to store more stamps..........;o)


WOW thats great news, i havent bought to many SU stamps because they are so bulky, i'm glad they are catching on and changing with the times!


I LOVE THIS! I can't wait for these to be available to purchase! Now I just wish I had a local demonstrator so I could play.

Karyn Port of Los Angeles

Hi Dawn,

Thank you so much for doing the video on the clear mount stamps and how they actually work. I wasn't sure if I wanted to get them, but they are wonderful and definitely a space saver.

You rock girl!

Danita Rasmussen

Can't wait to try the stamps. Love the storage. But I am confused...Why can't you use the Stazon cleaner? Is it too harsh?

Elizabeth S.

Congrats on 300 videos!! I love watching them, they are so informative. You do a wonderful job,
Have a great weekend,


I'll bet the next 300 goes even faster! TFS!

Juanita Plum

Congrats on you 300th video. I always learn so much from you and look forward to checking out your site everyday. Thank you and best wishes. Juanita


Dawn...........you are an inspiration beyond all others!!! I love visiting your site daily.....thanks so much for sharing your gift.



Congrats on your videos.... I am so glad I have saved you on my Goggle Reader.. You give so much information that isn't found anyother place.

Thanks for answering an email I sent to you earlier this year.. You are just so helpful

Love your site


Congrats on 300 videos Dawn! You're my hero! Your videos have awakened my creative soul. You are truly a blessing to me. Watching your videos each day enrich my life. Thank you so much. God Bless, Sonnie

susan scherig

sscherig@ cox.net


Congratulations on your 300th video! I check your website every day and I find your videos inspirational! You are truly an amazing lady. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent.
God Bless!
Karen NY


Congratulations on your 300th video-versary!
I love seeing all the glittery cards and accents... I LOVE Glitter!
Thank you for sharing your talent, your family and Stampin Up with us. I can't wait to get myself some of the new clear stamp sets... {thumbs up} Marilyn in Texas


I love your videos and all of your posts. It is a part of my daily routine to check out all the latest from SU with you. I just love all of your projects. Thank you for everthing. Here's to the next 300......

Janet Warner

Dawn, Thank you so much for all the time you spend on making the video's. They are so helpful. I have shared this site with all my friends.

Karyn Port of Los Angeles

Hi Dawn,
I just saw you in our Stampin' Success magazine. I love your attitude and your positive ways. Keep up the good work.



Dawn, congrats! on your 300th video. I enjoy your videos very much. Thanks so much for the preview of the new clear mounts that SU will soon selling. I am excited about them because I use unmounted stamps. I haven't mounted my SU's on the wood blocks in the past 2 yrs. But the new ones are going to be so much easier. Keep the videos coming.

Barbara Klemick

I love all of your videos - they are informative and inspirational. You give clear and concise instructions. Just love it!!! Thanks so much for sharing.


Hi Dawn,

Thanks for the preview of the new stamps... they look great! I can't wait to give them a try.

Thank you for your wonderful videos... they are a fantastic source of inspiration to me and so many others!!

Bless you!


Congratulations on your 300th video. Keep them coming.
And I can't wait to start stamping with clear blocks, it is awesome!

Sammy White

300 videos!!! You are one hard working gal. Thank you for all that you do. I appreciate
you over and over again. Samalamajama

Barbara Berg

Congratulations on your video count...amazing. Love all the ideas you give on your blog and love the videos because they show me how! The new clear stamps look great. Thanks for all you do.

Janice Mix

Hi Dawn, Congratulations on your 300th video. WOW! I have made many of the cards you have shown and love all of them.. Keep up the great work..


Hi Dawn,

wow 300 video's that's pretty amazing. I have to say you have shared some awesome cards. Thanks for sharing all your hard work. I really look forward to your emails. I just thought what the heck I would enter the contest or drawing.. Who knows I might just get lucky.
Thanks again and keep em coming. I really enjoy seeing and learning new techniques.

Lynette Verbeck

Congrats on 300th video. Can't wait to get some of the new clear mount sets.


Linda Doucet

Congratulations on your milestone from a very grateful Canadian stamper! I had found stamping/creating to be a challenge, until I discovered your wonderful tutorials. They have truly helped me discover my creative crafter side. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. You certainly look like you "loooooooooooove" what you do.

Karren E. Olaveson

HI Dawn, I want to congratulate you on 300. I have to tell you that you are my teacher in the art and design of stamping. I have learned from all 300. You are just an inspiration, and such a cute one, too. Have a wonderful Christmas and a most successful, healthy, happy New Year.


Congratulations on your 300th video and the positive, upbeat way you present your projects. Your enthusiasm is contagious and your tutorials so easy to follow. You've added 'glitter' to my days...I've added glitter to all my projects! Thanks a million. God Bless.


Ms. Dawn,

Congratulations! I keep telling my friends just how awesome you are. Now, I can really brag about you and your 300th video. As I so often say "You Go Girl!"
Again, Congrats and God Bless You!


You are right ... SU does everything first-class so I'm anxious to try this innovation from Shelli.

Merry Christmas to the Griffiths family.
hope mitchell

Wendy Musil


Congrats on your 300th video. I so enjoy your blog and videos. They are the highlight of my day. Thank you for all your wonderful ideas. Here's to the next 300.

Marianne Hutchinson

Congratulations on your 300th video! Since I found your videos I've learned so much and I've learned it all without frustration, LOL! Your videos are awesome!

Barbara Widney

I have thoroughly enjoyed all your tutorial videos as well as the,fabulous work you do. You make them look so easy to do that it makes me want to try. You are truly loved and blessed. Barb in Ca


Dawn, Love all the things you do and show us--very inspiring!! I am so excited for you and having 300 + videos--here's hoping for 303-3003 or what the heck however many you do we and I am sure I will LOVE IT!!

Kadie Labadie

Fabulous Video Dawn. WOW - you really gave me an exact lesson on how to mount-use and clean my new clear stamp set from SU. Appreciate the video! Kadie from Arizona


Congratulations Dawn! I love your videos and I hope you do at least 300 more!!


Congrats on your 300th video.............I love everyone of them and hope you do another 300..........and then some.........Patm


Wow, 300 Videos, That's gotta be a record! So glad I found you last year on U Ttube. Every Video is so easy to follow you have the gift, girlie! And as for the clear stamps Halleluha!!!!!!!!! It is about time and how clever to store them in the dvd holder! Always thinking. What's next?????

Pat Wirickx-Spaulding

Congrats on your 300th video. Watching your videos is like being at a SU workshop. I went to many workshops in the 90's and now am able to spend time using my SU products (a shouler replacement has kept me from doing all the things that I loved to do back then) and I needed the refresher courses! Thanks, PAT

Carolyn Stout

Super congratulations. Not only have you done 300 videos, but they are all amazing and so creative and your thoughtfulness in sharing your God given talents is such an encouragement to me. Thank you so much. Carolyn

Kathy from Reno, NV

Congrats on your 300th! Your videos have meant so much to me as a new stamper and new customer of yours. I am learning how to do so many cute projects thanks to you so keep 'em coming, please. I have been able to make many great cards (about 100 cards) and gave them to the Pastor of our Church to use for contacting members who are sick or missing, etc. Thanks again. Kathy from Reno, NV

Robyn Cole

Congrats on your 300th video! 1 year ago I went to my first scrap booking gathering, It wasn't really my bag. Then I discovered your blog and the wonders of card making and Stmpin' up and I've been hooked ever since. I look forward to your videos and inspiration every day. Thanks for helping to keep my creative juices flowing Dawn! You are an inspiration to many~ Enjoy this X-mas with your hubby & daughter.
Keep on Stampin'


WOW congratulations on the 300 mark, you are the Queen. Thanks for sharing your talent with others like me, it really is something special. I hope to see another 300 or so.


Dawn way to go I'm not sure if I posted right but WOW you are the Queen. creativeideas@live.com

Nancie Clarke

Congratulations on your milestone 300th Video...can't wait to see the new stamp sets...I just love to visit every day to see what you're up to...keep up the good work...here's to the next 300

Nancie in Albany Western Australia

Karen Cross

OMG! I love rubber stamps and I love SU. Now
we have the best of both worlds with great SU
features. Love the CD storage idea. Just in time for your next 300. Gotta luv it.

Matilde Hanna

Congratulations Dawn - 300 Video's!!! WOW - what a great accomplishment. May your 600th be as successful and the first 300! Looking forward to each and everyone of your videos! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talents! Great video on the new stamps - I cant wait!!!!!


Hi Dawn
Great job on doing your 300th video
Always check your site every day .
And would love a chance to win one of your party favors.


Congratulations on your 300th video, I have learned a lot from your videos too and your blog. Keep up the great work. I am looking forward to the new clear mount stamps. I love my wood mounts and now I'm getting the best of both worlds.....the feel of wood mount but compact storage.

Betty Everett

I love watching all of your videos. They are so easy to follow and so creative. You are one of the main reasons why I stared card making.
Congrats on your 300th video.
Betty, IL


WOW, 300 videos. What a great accomplishment. You have so many "out of the box" ideas and I can't thank you enough for sharing. I'm really excited about the SU clear stamps. I'm really impressed with the packaging of these stamps and can hardly wait for Jan 5th. What a way to start the new year. I am also looking forward to your videos for the new year. May you and your family have a great holiday season and thanks for sharing your talent and inspiration.

Terry in California


Condratulations on this great milestone! I discovered you while surfing Youtube on related stamping ideas. Since then I sought your videos regular;y and finally I signed up for your emails. I have looked forward to receiving them with great anticipation! I enjoy reading your blog and watching your videos not only for the ideas you share but also for your cheerful voice and attitude as you do your demos. On any day if I am feeling down for whatever reason, listening to you lifts my spirit and I feel better. You must be one of Stampin UP's greatest assets! I don't expect a prize. Just wanted to let you know what I think and share it with you. Cheers!

Vicki Griffith

Hi Dawn, Congradulations on your 300th video. How exciting is that? I have watched all of them on your website and look forward to seeing more. Thank you for all of your wonderful videos.
Vicki in California

Donna Walker

I have your web site on my "favs". I look everyday to see what you come up with. You are amazing. Thank you.

Robin Craig

Congratulations Dawn for your 300th video. I am sure I have seen everyone of them. Laugh your laugh and your starting of each video. I started scrapping because of you. I was looking for card inspirations and came across you. You are fabulous!! Robin from Canada

Alexandra Conde

WOW !!! This is SOOO exciting, clear mount GENIOUS - you get the quality of a rubber stamp with the ease of use of the clear. So excited :)


WOW, 300!!! That's a lot of good video. Thank You for sharing ALL those videos. Congrats on # 300. I love that you celebrated with a "Purple GLITTERY Ornament" video. Keep up the GREAT work :o) Dawn in Delaware...Dawnscows@aol.com

Joyce Small

Hi Dawn...Your 300th! Wow...impressive! I've recently joined and am impressed with your videos. There's so much to learn from them.
Do you have any videos on using micro beads?
So sorry to hear your hubby won't be on the cruise with you. Just want him home safe and sound with you when his tour of duty is over.
Love your Sunday shares, too.
Keep up the inspiration you pass on to all of us!
Joyce in Syracuse, NY


yaaaa--hoooo 300 and ton of fun later.. way to go! the clear block cling style is not new to me.. Love it and excited to see it come out. I love the DVD style cases. perfect and the image on the cling.. way cool thanks for the video

Jan Cool

Dawn, THANKS !!!
thanks 300 times over for the 300 greetings of "Hi Stampers!" and then followed by your sharing of information on how to use all of our Stampin Up! products and even how to do our nails, dress our dogs, and cope with choices we have to make in our everyday lives. 300 hugs and kisses are being sent your way for all the sharing!!!


Hi Dawn, I thought I had sent in a comment already, but don't seem to find it here. So-Congrats on #300. Love it by the way. Sorry hubby can't go on cruise, but I know that Jessie will be thrilled to have him at her graduation. Nice treats for us to win. Thanks for being so sharing with your ideas and all the videos.
Shelby in California


SU keeps on getting better and better! Thank YOU for all that you do! I love watching and creating along with you when I get the chance!


Hey Dawn...Congratulations!

I like so many others make watching your videos a part of my daily routine. I too have done many a VBS and Sunday School class so I enjoy that aspect of your website too. Here's to the next 300!

Nancy...Framingham, MA

Beverly BL

Your description made me sure I need the clear blocks. I like that they are fat and my fingers won't always be dipping into the ink. You've already started on your next 300. Here's hoping for many more.


Awesome! This makes for more room to BUY more stamps! :) TFS!


 Becky Green

LOVE your DVD rack!!!!!!!! :) I'll have to look for one when I get MORE of these stamps! Thanks Dawn! :)

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