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December 31, 2009



Really cool Dawn!! I forget that the BigShot cuts more than just paper!!!


Wow! I wish I had that BigZ... Very clever and cool


Dawn, that's a really good video (as always!). I saw the brooch someplace, but as I don't sew I didn't think I could make it. Now, gluing I can do. :-)
Thanks and have a blessed 2010.

Peggy Parker

What a great idea! I think I'll get busy on these for end-of-the-year teacher gifts. Sooooo cute!

Linda Duensing

Happy New Year and so happy that you husband made it home safely for the holidays. This is a wonderful project. It can be adapted to be used so many ways. Thanks for sharing.


Love it too cute! I gotta make those.
Happy New Year to you.

Jan Kelley

How cute is that? Thanks for sharing. I am going to make many for decorating packages for next Christmas.


Happy New Year! This is one of my favorite!!!! You are sooooooo talented. I truly enjoy your blog and videos. Thank you for the inspiration!!! Much Appreciation!

Gwen Mangelson

love the colors - when I make these flowers I use a coordinating felt or wool for the centers- a bit more flexible - I see how the cardstock would make putting the brad in easier! I love hand stitching vintage buttons in the centers too! Great idea! you rock! loved chatting yesterday we NEED to do it more often! I love ya girlfriend!


That is so darn cute! Thank you for taking time to do the video for us . . . you're such an inspiration and have such cute ideas! Thanks Dawn!


I don't have the big shot but I am hoping my Cuddlebug can do the trick! What a great idea for a simple gift! YOU rock and I have only recently found your blog!!! You are on my list now!


Dawn, you seem like a real natural when you do your videos. I like how once you have shown a step and need to repeat, you just zip through rather than skip over. We really seem the project from start to finish! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Sue C.

Dawn, thank you for sharing your talent with us. I will have to make some to attach to my purses.

Elsa L

These are super cute. I did have a question for you... Have you tried or is it possible to make these with DSP to add to maybe a gift bag? I was just curious.
Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for sharing this excellent video.


Chris McKnight

Dawn-wow! I saw Shelli's Blog instructions but did not think about using cardstock/DSP. Can't wait to glam up some boxes and gift bags! Thanks for sharing!

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GorGeous Video..
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WOOOOWWWWW! BEAUTIFULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) Thanks Dawn! :)

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