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September 24, 2009


Susan from Colorado

How can something so simple be so darling?!?
So glad you shared this today!

Dahlene Spencer

Dawn, You do such fun things! Thanks for taking the time to create and teach. I love hearing your cute voice and watching your videos are a great way to just relax after a hard day and get inspired.


This is a nice card. I like simple, especially when I am so far behind! Like now. Usually I am not as interested in the cards that the company comes up with as I am with what the demos come up with...esp you! Glad you had a nice time at FC! :)


Dawn, thanks so much, this is going to be a wonderful help for me! You do such neat things and I love watching your videos. Thanks tons.


Gale Sewell

You are the greatest. All the wonderful things that the Lord has opened for you. You are a natural teacher and explain every detail. This is wonderful.

Thanks for sharing and may the Lord continue to bless you,


Patricia Hoffman

Dawn, I can't wait for your email update every day! This is going to be a fantastic segment. Just what we need. Short and sweet. You go girl, thanks for thinking of us. Sometimes there just isn't enough time for the big stuff, you know what I mean. I have wanted this set since the Catty came out and now am definitely getting it. It was on my next order anyways. Glad you had tons of fun at F.C. Maybe I will join you there one day. I am just brand new right now. You keep me inspired and I love your laugh. It's addicting. May happy stamping days always come your way.

Trish in Wisconsin

June Ferguson

Hi Dawn!
I think Happy Stamping is a GREAT idea! I really like quick and simple cards since I always seem to be running behind. I think ALL of your stamping qualifies as Happy Stamping--it sure makes ME happy anyway!!
Thanks so much for all you do,
June in KS

Gail S.

Dawn...just two words....LOVE IT!!!

Sharon S.

I wouldn't have thought to put all those colors together like that.


Oh ya the short sweet and simple. any any set can be used! I am seeing various uses.. way to go Looking forward to this segment. You go girl!

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