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May 09, 2009



Hi Dawn...I think that your video today was soooo cool...just like you! I also use the Orly nail products...I love them...I do the french manicure on my nails...I have always had long nails since I was a sophomore in high school. My hubby and I are high school sweat hearts...he has always told me...that my nails were one reason he married me...lol Anyway..it must be true...we will be married 40 years in July and my nails are still long...how funny is that! I think you should do more video's on diff subjects...Have a GREAT Mother' Day...love ya girlie!


WOW! awesome nails..and I always thought you had them done..they look so professional...great video today!!!


How do you keep them so nice looking. Great length and shape. My always chip and split and then I end up cutting them off. Any tips would be great.


Great video today!
Gosh I love those colors and your nails!

Happy Mother's Day to you Dawn!

Deb B.

Very pretty Dawn!! Ok, now you're gonna think I'm super goober, but I had to share this. I was doing a pearl ex class a couple of years ago and showing everything I could think of that you could do with PE. During the class they kept commenting on my nail polish and were surprised when I wouldn't tell them what brand/color etc it was. At the end of the class I told them that there was one more thing you could do with PE and they'd been looking at it all night, and I laid my hands on the table! I had mixed some PE in with clear nail polish and painted my fingernails with it. I'd lost the pic I'd taken of it, but this made me remember I'd posted it a long time ago on SCS and I just now found it so I have the pic again. We had a lot of fun at that class. I'm a purple freak so of course I used the purple PE. Did it another time with green and that was really pretty too.


You are so smart that you take three different color of purple which is dark or same color.I never thought that where the store you buy. Thank you for your sharing. Have a Happy Mother's Day

Cindy Kelly

Just loved this nail polish video Dawn!! I love listening to you talk on your videos. You really are very inspiring. I check in every day! Keep 'em coming!
Oh, this is from one pickle lover to another!


Thanks, Dawn! That was really fun. I have naturally strong, long nails. Even longer and stronger when I keep up with my vitamins. lol Now I'm going to have to try purple - I never have, but you've inspired me! Happy Mother's Day!

Mary C. Anderson

Awesome nails, Dawn. Thank you for sharing how you keep your nail poish from not chipping.


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