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April 24, 2009



Dawn, that is simply gorgeous!!!

Ellie Augustin

LOVE IT!! :)


WOW! I wonder if you could use a acrylic sheet to do this? I love this Dawn. Thanks for sharing.

Judy Boggs

How pretty!! So much fun to watch you do this. Now, for the hard part. . . .I'm gonna try it!! I can only imagine the mess I am about to make. Hee! Hee! Thanks for the great tutorial, Dawn.
Judy B.


FABULOUS video Dawn! This is such a great technique and inspires me to give it a try. Beautiful card!

Holly Smith

That is fantastic!!!! I will be doing this one next!! I can't wait

Brenda Henry

You make everything look soooooo easy... off I go to try


Love this Dawn!

I was surprised to see the Staz On wipe off the window sheet. I thought it was permanent ink?


I LOVE * LOVE * LOVE this card!! and I definitely HAVE to get this stamp set!

I have always struggled with trying to do ANY type of mirror image..this video has convinced me to at least give it a try now.

Wish me luck!! Keep those great videos coming!! Cya..Jo (Michigan)


Wonderful, Dawn! I have seen this done without using the window sheet, and it never looks right! This way the reflections show the correct trees!!! Brilliant.
TFS, love it.

Linda (South Australia)

Mary-Jane Downey

Your videos are my favorite - thanks for another great one!


Hi Dawn,
This is simply fantastic! It's always been a point of stress *hoping* *crossing my fingers* I've lined up my mirror image. Your way is the way to go! Rolling the brayer over it- genius! Being able to swipe off the staz-on- brilliant! You are priceless.


Thanks Dawn. Another fantastic video. You are part of my day now. Have to know what you've come up with. Thanks so much.


Hi Dawn! Never would have thought to use acetate...brilliant! Love your tutorials, keep em' coming! Yvonne :)

Sandy Hulsart

Dawn, very well done and a beautiful card. You might try getting some Eclipse tape, it makes wonderful circle masks with no chance of residue from the sticky. Thanks as always for sharing.


It is mircle to make beautiful plastic mirror on the card. three or four color ink pad are at card. I thought it was one color. thanks for your great sharing


Have done this same technique (mirror imaging)before with both acetate and vellum but in a little different way. I think I like yours better! This way there is no
layering....Brilliant! TFS

Judy Johnson

Wow! Dawn, this is fabulous. I love it. You are sooooo creative. I love to copy your stuff.

Melissa Hepburn

Thank you so much!! I love it!!

Name:Beverly Bayley

Thank you Dawn for an excellent video. I have been stamping for 17 years and have always liked that look. This new way looks so very good but easy. I will be trying it. I have learned so much from watching all your excellent videos.


Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful technique.

Karen Varney

Dawn, this is just beautiful. I am going to have to try this technique. Love your work.

Linda E

Beautiful card, Dawn. You are truly a stamping genius!


I watch your videos all of the time. This was beautiful and seemed pretty easy. I can't wait to try it. Thanks for all your help.


Once again an excellent video. Someone in my design group discovered that using a sanding block on a photo looks like ripples. It might work on this project too.

Susan Shaw

Really nice! Thanks so much for this and all of your great videos.

helen cole

That is one fantastic card and just what I like doing...thank you for showing me...

 Becky Green

Dawn! This is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!! I LOVE IT! I've seen this, but NEVER seen it done! THANK YOU! :)

Edna Burgess

Just watched this again. Great job. Always good to remind me what I'm doing. Edna

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