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February 21, 2009




You are the best! Thank you for sharing....I have always wanted to see how this gizmo works!!! Now, I might buy it! Have a terrific day!


Dawn, Thanks for this tutorial, and all the others. I never even thought of what these tools do so this was very helpful. I check in here everyday and love to see what you've created. Thanks for all your hard work.
From a Canadian fan,

Sharon Caillier

Thanks Dawn, Now I know what to do with it. Keep Creating

Gail W. Jacksonville, Fl.

Dawn, Thanks for showing us how these tools work. I purchased them last year, and never used them because I didn't know what to do. I love your "show" and "tells"


Thanks, Dawn, for sharing. Keep up good work and I love tutorial. You did good job.

Natalie S

Have you ever seen the idea where you take the perforating tool and lightly run it over your white ink pad to pick up ink, then run it along your cardstock to create a "stitching" look? I love to use that tool for that idea, too. Then, just roll your tool over a baby wipe or Stampin' Scrub to remove the ink when you're done. Just thought I'd share. I love your videos and try to watch every single one! Thanks for all you do!

missi hackman


Thanks for the great tutorial. I am a demo and have never paid attention to the cutter tool. Now I can see how awesome it is and will get one with my next order. I am sure my customers will love it when I show them all it does.

Shala Carter

OOOOO, Dawn, I love the glitter at the top of this page! That made such a gorgeous card! I am still reading although not posting. Been so busy.

Carri McMullen

Thanks Dawn
As a new rep I can't afford everything, but now I can tell my costomers all about the tools


Dawn, Can the perferating tool be used for the "needle holes" on feux stiching of are they too closely spaced?

Lisa Hassmer

I was just curious about the coupons-were they for a promotion you were running?


I thought about purchasing this but I was not too sure. Thanks so much for this scoop!

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