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February 05, 2009



Dawn, you are too much! I love this idea especially because I am a teacher. Thank you for being so creative.

Cindy Malone

Hi Dawn :-)

I do not have all the Craft Inks so I will first stamp my image in Versamark and then stamp in the classic ink for color and then emboss. Just a little tip. I also use two Versamark pads. One is perfectly clean and the other is for when I am double dipping :-) It's looks like your pad in the video! Love that card, too cute.


This is the Kool-ist!(pardon the pun)I love it! Thanks Dawn!

dena sierras

I really love this. My kids had scratch and sniff t-shirts when they were young(they are are now 35,33,and 31) they will love this card. Thank you


Dawn, you are so brilliant girl...I luv it!!!


Dawn, this is amazing! Using Kool Aid for the scent. I though I would have to go out and pay alot of money for a specialty marker. Your awesome!


Dawn this is so cool I love it I would have never thought to have done this thanks for another great idea.

Mary Jo

Loved this card when I first saw it but now it has a new dimension! Must say that orange pad would have been all over me and my work area; you are much more graceful than I. Great card! Mary JO


What a neat idea. The kids will love this.

Carolyn Stout

Dawn, You are truely amazing and so extremely creative. What a great idea. Can't wait to try it. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with all of us. Carolyn

Deby Britt

Dawn, I love those Ideal you had made.. it so awsome blog.. I wondering if there anyway you had ideal for my reception party cookout treats? I try to think of something to do with as thank you favor .. but I cant think of one ? please help me ? thanks Deby

Becky Green

This is a NEAT TECHNIQUE!!!!!!! I would think KIDS would LOVE THIS!!!!!!! Thanks Dawn! :)

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