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January 02, 2009



Oh My! to view it on full screen! What a glittery card-very pretty.


WOW Dawn, love the new 5m video choice. So much better to view!

Natalie S. Meyer

Hi Dawn,

I love the new videos and a bigger screen. Great choice. I love all the glitter you have been using on your cards.



Dawn on full screen ---- what could be better!!!!! I love, love, love your video and the card is sooo pretty. How great is this!

Mary Ann

At first I couldn't tell much difference but the more I kept changing between the screens, the more I prefer your new 5m video. Thanks for all you show us.


Hi Dawn,

Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful card. Love the 5 min! I would have LOVE to see you make the whole card though. I would like to recreate it, but it helps SO much to make it with you. LOVE the card!

Melissa Vannoy

Hey! Looks like the 5 min is a winner... no problems! Can't wait to see if this site is blocked at school (We have a filter that knocks out you-tube for XXX purposes!) Maybe I can watch you at work - good or bad?? Work or craft?? hahaha! Thanks for sharing!


Great video Dawn...I am loving the new 5min and the full screen is wonderful! Keep on doing what you do....and thanks for sharing your talents with us! Bev


Thanks for the video...I bought that a long time ago, but never use it for some reason. This got some ideas going though. Just a quick note on the video - I use google's RSS reader to read your blog and the video didn't show up in that like the youtube video's do. I clicked over to your site to watch, which isn't a huge big deal, but it is an extra step. I don't know if there is a setting that needs to change on my reader or if the 5min video's just don't show up? Thanks again!


Oh Dawn! This new format is wonderful! LOVE IT!! I am able to view the tutorials full screen AND I can slow them down to actually work right along with you, instead of the usual 'pause-start' method, I used in the past. Great choice! I always thought your tutorials were the best...this just makes 'em better!

Beautiful card, BTW. So cute!!


I luv the bigger screen & quality of this video Dawn! This card just sparkles like diamonds...I luv it!!!


Hey Dawn This is really awsome. I have some of that heat and stick powder and I have never used it. I am going to now. Thanks for all you show us. I gave my mom this sight to get on because I sent her the stamp set with the crab. We keep all the soldiers in Irag in our prayers. Take care Roxanne

Wendy Kennedy

No problems with the 5 min. Just wanted to make sure that I said how awesome the card is. I really appreciate your sharing.

Judy Calderbank

Hi Dawn - Happy New Year!!! - Just love love the 5 minute video - haven't used Lavender Lace in a while ....going to whip that out - hope you mother is continuing to improve ....



mary jo

Hello Dawn; I too like the 5 min viewing format. LOVE the dazzling card; and wanted to say THANK YOU so much for the stamp set and markers, and card I received in the mail. I had gone to visit my grandson for Christmas and was delighted to win and find a package when I returned home. You are just too sweet! Mary Jo


Thanks Dawn. I just bought the Heat and Stick powder but was a little unsure how to use it! I appreciate you. :)


Love the 5min Dawn! And all that glitter, fab-u-lous!

Beverly VanderWerf

Great job Dawn, I love the full screen look and it's so clear. I have heard of heat & stick but didn't know how it worked. Thank you for making it clear and I think more people will try it. Love It!!!!

Gina Wrona

ok, thanks, now i have a point of reference for the heat/stick powder that i've had for years but never got around to using, kwim?

Becky Green

I've not tried the Heat & Stick! MAYBE, I'll have to!!!!!!! :) Looks like it might be better to hold the glitter! (Don't want to "waste" or loose those Dazzling Diamonds!) :) Thanks Dawn!

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