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November 08, 2008



Thanks Dawn for this special section! I would love to see how you use the cutter kit (106958). I haven't purchased it yet because I don't know how to use all of the items on it. Thanks!

Kadie Labadie

Great Job Dawn! I've been using SU stamp pads FOREVER-and guess I didn't realize how to refill them with the reinker....guess I've been using WAY TOO MUCH reinker-thanks for the clarification.

If you can add to your growning pile of 411 suggestions...can you give us the scoop on using the SU Mat Pack. Have that product and love it....but know there is probably more I could be doing with it.

Thanks Dawn! Kadie


thanks Dawn for you little video. I really appreciated it as I am new to stamping and I saw the two different ink pads and really didn't know which one to buy, now I do.
thanks again


I so appreciate all the work you put into your videos and your blog....thank you! I would be interested in learning more things to do with the 5 in 1 envelope template from SU!

Becky Phillips

Thanks for the info. I have wondered about the reinkers and if you used them. I don't have any SU products and I'm looking into purchasing the Stampin Spots and use your great suggestion.



Thank you so much...I found this very helpful. I am looking forward to many more of your 411 videos. I would love to see a 411 video on the different kinds of embossing powders (thin/thick) and when to use which one.


Thank you for clarifying the differences in the ink pads. I really didn't know which ones to purchase but now I do! Thank you for teaching us so many new things from your site! As you say "LOVE IT"! Thanks Dawn for all the awesome work that you do!

Mary Jo

Dawn~ Thanks so much for the "411" Here's a question; what does 411 mean? We must be a little out of the way here and I haven't heard the expression before.


the dye based ink pads are water soluble, so if you spill on your project the ink will run; the craft ink is pigment based and is permanent and will not run.

Sandy Glover

Thanks Dawn for your 411 on the ink pads. I'm a new SU gal and have to watch my pennies so therefore I purchased the ink spots along with the coordinating paper. I feel this is the most economical way if some one wants to get started. I just purchesed my second set of papers and ink spots and can't wait to get them. I love how the inks go with the paper. Sandy


Thanks Dawn for showing ink pads & how much to use re-ink on pad. I like new 411 video. Keep up.


Hi Dawn, I left a award on my blog for you. I really love your blog and you give me so much inspiration when it comes to stamping. Thank you for all of you awesome tutorials and for sharing your creativity!!!


Thanks Dawn, I have always ordered the classic because I never knew the diffrence I am going to order some craft ink today.


Is it possible to re-post this 411 on stamp pads? I'm new to stamping and trying to learn more about how to care for my stamp pads and how to properly reink them!Thanks!


Do you have a 411 on conditioning new stamps?

Your cards are so pretty, that I'd be interested in hearing how you 'break in' a new stamp.

Many thanks,

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