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October 11, 2008



I really love all the videos that you do, I just wanted to say thank you for your willingness to help a new stamper with these!!!


Elizabeth M. Harris

Love your videos! I watch them all! Thank you so much for sharing! Just wanted to share a tip...put the crystal effects and glitter on the ribbon before you stitch it. It's so much easier!

Big hugs!

Sheila Thomas

Hi there
I just love all your videos....you are very well known, in the scrapbook and card making communities.
I had a suggestion...while the ribbon is flat, put the glue and sparkles on, let it dry then, sew the flower up and glue the center.
That way you get all the edges covered and the sparkles bulk up and pop out more.
Let me know if this helps.


ok, where oh where is my bottle of crystal effects??????????? i got some ribbon off of wrapped presents that i'm going to use for this. it's like the quilt pieces my mom decided i should sew when i was seven, but this is much prettier! :) and i'm going to try putting the glitter on the tops of the seams on the flower, just to be different ya know. ;) thanks, Dawn!!!!! xo


Dawn I really look forward to all your tutorials and video's. Your such a good teacher.
I just love this little flower you did and I love all the things you do.
take care GB


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