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October 09, 2008


Eveline van Heijst

Hi Dawn, Love this idea, watched the video on YouTube. Purple background? Did you do that? Looks great.


I just want to say that I love your video tutorials and now because of them, I cannot wait till Thursday to come see what you have new. Thank you for taking the time to do these videos and sharing your project ideas!!! They are all awesome!!


sooooooooooooo cute =) thanks for sharing

Wanda McGlamery

Oh cute idea. We did this at our QM! Thanks for tutorial!


Hi Dawn, Firstly I's like to tell you that my cat heard your voice on the video and came to explore more. She has been ignoring me since my surgery. We did disturb her room arrangement and put the couch on it's end, so that took away one of her favorite resting places. Poor kitty. She came and sniffed my cast and toes, but still won't let me pet her. I guess she is really pissed with me. Secondly, please remind your viewers that if the soup cans have rounded bottoms, you can still use them. Cut the top using a "safety can opener" just like you did the bottom of the snack cup and replace it the same way. Just be careful so you don't get Crystal Effects on the inside opening ring. Then its glued shut. That's not a fun surprise. I've send gift cards in them for graduations and birthday. Used $ store silk floweres to decorate the side of the can. You can also use one of the DS paper bowes you make. Cut the stems from flower and glue the petals together as they tend to fall apart once they are off of the stem. I've only had luck finding the snack cans at Meijers. Hope this helps, and it isn't too long.
Hugs, Sharon


well, girl, i'm already making candy bar sliders for all the teachers for halloween, so this will have to be their christmas gifts! :)))

Ana Selkow

oh my gosh, how cute these little cans are!!!!
Now I know what I am going to make for my mom
and her sisters as part of their Christmas
presents. thanks for all the videos, I look
forward to seeing them every week.;<)

Jenny Wrona

Dawn - did you change your mind about these for the Hostess Appreciation?


Love this idea! Thanks so much for sharing!

Joan Brooks

Would love to do this project but can not find this type of can opener. I bought one by Pyrex and returned it as it would not cut top or bottom of can. Can anyone comment on where to purchase this type of can opener that really works? Thanks, Joan

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