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October 10, 2008



Dawn, that is just THE most beautiful card! You are amazing, thanks for the cute icicle addition! Can't wait to try it!


You clever little chooky...they are adorable...I must try that...thanks Dawn.

Wanda McGlamery

Thanks Dawn for doing this tutorial. I've been wanting to try it, but keep forgetting where I saw a tutorial on it. So now, I will know YOU have it on your blog. Thanks a bunch! Love the videos.

Linda Harris

Love the icicles! :-) Question: Why do you need the wax paper? Can't you just put the Crystal Effects and glitter directly on the card?


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I spent forever looking for instructions on SCS two nights ago and finally gave up. Thanks so much!!!!!!

Linda E

Great card! Will stickles work too?


Cute cute card.......love the icicles! Thanks so much for the tutorial, it's always easier to try it after you actually see it done!


Fantastic!!!!!!!!! I can see using this with all colors of glitter for all kinds of cards. Not just icicles. I was thinking a swirly for the dust to use with the Bronc Buster stamp?!?!? Or are the Dazzling Diamonds a special coarseness?

Ellie M

I love the cards Dawn.......can you give us the details on how you made those??? Your blog is AWESOME!! Keep up the good work.

Jane Harrah

I second the question, why not directly on the card? Beautiful by the way!


Thanks Dawn , I love it, so cool the tecnique.


oh, clever Dawn!!!!!! one time, i made streaks of crystal effects on card stock (by accident!) and decided they were raindrops. :) LOVE the wax paper technique!!!!

Ana Selkow

Love, love the icicles!!!
Where do you get your ideas? Thank you, Thank you! What a great
accent for a winter card. :<)

Ana Selkow

Thank you, thank you, I love this tutorial. What a agreat
accent piece for cards/scrapbook pages. ;<)


Beautiful card Dawn. As always, thanks for a super tutorial! :)

Mary P

This is flippin' incredible.
Love it!!


Interesting technique - and easy now that I have watched your video. Well done! Beautiful card - would love to know how you made it.


Oh my! You are amazing an so creative!! Love the tutorial what a creative idea!! You rock!!

Virginia Anderson

You give us so MANY wonderful tutorials, it is hard to say I have favorites....but indeed I do! This is one of them for sure. THANKS for your wide variety of teaching and excellent instructions. VA in AZ


Wonderful tutorial! Thanks so much for the tips...can't wait to try it out for myself! {SMILEs}


Hi Dawn,
As always you never cease to surprise me with all of your wonderful creative ideas. I am so hooked on your site that sometimes I lose track of time when I'm here. :)

Big Hugs,

Alessandra Reyes

What are the papers you used to make this card. I love it.


OH MY Goodness, Dawn...this is FABULOUS!! :) Thanks so much for sharing this video. I'm so in awe of this project. I'm gonna have to try it =)


I'm gonna go try it!! :) Looks soo neat, I don't know HOW you think these things up!! TFS


I'm gonna go try it!! :) Looks soo neat, I don't know HOW you think these things up!! TFS

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