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September 05, 2008




Ellie Augustin

LOL!! MAN girl you read my mind!! I bought these choc. bars on Tues!!! and said I have to find a tutorial on how the heck to do that slider and HERE You as always helping me out!! (((HUGS)) YOU SOOO ROCK GIRL! :)


You have become some a pro at video turorials. Nice work.
P.S. Love your new profule picture.


very neat!!!! Feel like chocolate now.......

Chocolate Candy Lover

Hi Dawn,
I found your site today sort of by 'accident' but am absolutely loving your adorable candy bar slider idea. It's really simple but fantastic!

The video you made makes the whole process so easy to do. You are right, it's easy when you know how. :-)

I think this idea would be wonderful for personalized party favors and other occasions. Would you be willing to pop over to my site and share your clever creation there? I know my visitors will love it, and if you add your video clip you will probably get a good bit of traffic to your site in return. It's a win-win!

The page to where you can add your idea is http://www.chocolate-candy-mall.com/chocolate-party-favor.html using the form at the bottom of the page.

I DO hope you'll say yes!

Beverly Reynolds

I am loving your tutorials! You make it all look very easy. Thanks!


Dee Young

This is just awesome - I love it and will use it for my daughter as a treat! Your site is all the rage! I'm getting ready to go to my first shoe box swap and I chose your site for my inspiration. I've been practicing my first suspension card, and I have decided that will be the one for the swap. I was talking to someone else yesterday and mentioned that I got the inspiration from your site and she knew exactly who you are - we all feel like you are our best friend and that we know you personally. That must tell you what a great job you are doing for SU and the stamping community! We love you and all that you do!


What a fantastic tutorial, I totally plan on making these and will give credit w/a link for my readers to come take a look at your amazing blog. Thank you


Oh So Awesome!!!! Easy to follow instructions and a fun project. Thanks

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