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August 09, 2008


Ellie Augustin

WHATTT that is sooo easy!! OHH I see I am going to go nuts making those... OHH My nephew's Bday is next weekend his 1st Bday too.. OHHH wait until I show my SIL what you taught me! YOU FREAKING ROOOOCKKK! :)

Mylene W

HI Dawn, WOW, 100 videos! I think I've watched everyone at least three times. I don't see how you do it with how busy you are. Hope your husband is doing well. Please keep them coming, you're such an inspiration.

[email protected]


Too, too cute...can't wait to try this! Thanks Dawn...you rock!

Kadie Labadie

Dawn: What an great video to post for your 100th video. CONGRATS to you - and I'm off to make a few of these for a mania that I'm doing with some gal-pals. Thanks for sharing! Kadie

Ene Villas

Crongrats to you!I watched everyone. How you find time to do this all? Super lady....i love you!! Best wishes for you!

Dee (OkieDee)

Thanks so much...wow..how easy is this? Thanks also for printing out the paper sizes and what papers you used. I can copy and print them out. Helps so much. Hugs, Dee in Oklahoma 8^)


Hi Dawn!! Not only did you make my day, but you are going to make 25 first graders very happy in a few weeks when I make these for them as a 'welcome to first grade gift'!! God Bless You Dawn!! You are one in a million!!


Congratulations on your 100th video! I've watched them all over and over again. Directions and measurements are easy to follow and exact. I Love your work - you are so creative and inspiring! I have made almost everything thing that you have showed us and loved every minute of it! They have made a lot of people very happy. Keep up the great work!

Melanie Bray

Hi Dawn... you are one amazing woman!!! I have been checking your blog and videos for a few weeks now and am just amazed at how creative you are and at how generous you are with your time to do all these videos to share with everyone! Thank you so much! Please keep up the awesome job... you are such an inspiration!!!


Dawn, they are really cute....love the way you crimped the ends....thanks for having such a sharing spirit. Cheers!xL


Thank you soooo much for your tutorial. A definate must-try next time I do goody bags for my child's birthday party. What a nice (not to mention, yummy!) way to use up all those bits and pieces of decorative leftover paper in my stash.

Melissa Vannoy

Very, very cute- perfect to give to anyone! Congrats on the big 100 - u are awesome! We love you in Texas! (~:


Congrats on the 100th video Dawn. I have watched all your videos now and some of them more than once. they are grrrrreat.


thank you for sharing your creativeness with all of us! This is the first time I watched one of your videos. I found it quick & easy to follow. I went ahead and subscribed so I will be back for more! So Awesome :) Christy


These look so stinkin' easy and cute! What a great idea for party treats for my grand-daughters birthday!
Hugs and Angels,


Congratulations!!!! You have been a wealth of information and inspiration to me,Dawn!!! Here's to 500 more videos...this year...lol!! Just because I could watch and listen to you all day!!! Thanks again for all you share!!! Hugs!!


Too cute! I love to hear your voice everyday. Makes me smile. Thanks for all the videos. Wow 100! Super cool. Hugs, Sharon

Inkyhive aka Jesse

I only recently found this site and enjoy it very much. Congratulations on the 100 mark! Thank you for sharing and inspiring others.
Godspeed, Inkyhive aka Jesse

Jennifer Maloney

I just love this! I did a quick sample, based on the info you gave...it was super fast and easy (and of course - super CUTE!!) I'm thinking of making these as a 'welcome back to school' treat for my fellow teachers. I'm also thinking these would be great to do in holiday paper as quick little favors at Christmas time! Thanks for continuing to inspire!! :) ~Jenn


I can't believe how easy those are to make. I can't wait to make them for my son's class this year. I am so thankful for your videos, I can't thank you enough. You inspire me so much thank you and God Bless!


Dawn you are an amazing women! These are so easy thank you so much for inspiring me to go down in my room and try someting new. All I can say is thank you, thank you and God Bless!

Kris M.

I love all of your ideas! Can't wait to make these for Christmas. I'm also putting this idea in my Mother/Daughter Banquet file.
Thanks so much!


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Love this idea for Valentine's Day. It's quick and simple, which is exactly what I need. Thanks for all your hard work. Love Love Love your videos.


Thanks for this video (and all your videos!). I have to make 50+ of these for VDay for my three kids' classes.
p.s. I wish you were my upline!!!!

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That is nice, and sandra thanks for the concepts.


Cute and nice job with tutorial.


Wow, this is soo great! Thanks so much for the tutorial!!


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