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August 16, 2008



Oooow I like that Dawn, thanks. I'm going to make one for my nephew's 15th birthday next month. Oh, not in Pirouette Pink though LOL. TFS!


I was so excited yesterday that I don't think I said thank EWE. If not - I thank EWE now! I love the money holder. another great tutorial and great way to start my day with coffee.. Thanks

Sheila Myers

Dawn, what an adorable money holder, my group will love this we have all kinds of wedding showers and weddings coming up I bet we all come up with money holders. As always thanks for sharing and your inspirations.



This is a great project. quick and easy just how I like them!!


Just another awesome video Dawn!!! I totally appreciate having all these ideas to spur my creativity on!!! Thanks soooo much!!

Janet Olson

Thanks for the great idea. I always give my kids and grandkids
money for special occasions and always wanted to figure out how to
make them.... Thanks for showing me how simple it is. You're the greatest!!!


sensational love it off to make one now! oh btw loved Elvis and what about those movies......I use to watch them with my mum....lolol

judy ptacek

how cute !! you are the best . love your videos.neat idea.
make everything so simple , watching you.


Dawn, I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful idea. I made a few of those. I have a gift to give to my daughter-in-law :), school is starting soon and this will come in handy for her and her and the grand kids.
Took me about 10 minutes tops to do this...hehehe and so pretty.

Thank you again.

PS: Just love your videos.



Hi Dawn - Thanks for anotehr adorable idea! I actually modified it a little to hold an iTunes gift card. I left the dimensions the same, just closed the gap on the inside flap. I didn't want the recipient to know right away that it was a gift card! Thanks again!


Good idea..! wonderful

Bye Chikiss

Nichole Gauthier

oh i love this i am going to make this for a very special friend of mine!


That's a great idea - usually money is in with the card because you really don't have anything made just for that sort of gift.

Lori A.

Every time I go looking for a tutorial to make something, I always come here first! This is exactly what I wanted to make to put $11 in for my daughter's 11th birthday today. She already got the boots she was *dying* to have this morning so she'll be surprised there's more. :)

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Thank you very much for the information I really appreciate it!!


thanks for another fabulous tutorial,i really enjoyed making mine:)


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