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August 08, 2008


Kadie Labadie

Hi Dawn: Can you tell me how I go about getting my ribbon dried after I do this technique. I did this technique on Sunday for one of the new In Colors and it's taking forever for the ribbon to dry. Is there something I can do to speed up the process to get the ribbon to dry faster? Thanks for sharing this technique with us. Appreciate the video-didn't know to take some reinker and us the container technique....will have to try that. Kadie



Just recently discovered your blog and videos. I love them!!!

Thanks for all your ideas and inspiration.



I hope nobody turns up missing in your family, that paper towel looks like there was a clean-up from a very gruesome crime scene :-0. Thanks for all your wonderful videos, you keep me inspired!


Love this and will give it a try this weekend....you ROCK Dawn! DD


Love your two ideas! I think you need to be on the "official" SU creative team in SLC!!
Have a great one,


just love what you teach us, never thought of doing that, always bring paper to store to match to ribbon. great idea of saying loads of time and wasted energy.

Mary P

Hi Dawn,
Can't wait to try it but, I have a simialr question as to Kadie's
How long does it take to dry the ribbon?


Thanks Dawn...great tip that I need to try...Cheers!

Leah T.

Dawn, I just love to watch your vidios. Not only do I learn something, you make me smile when you laugh. I go into your blog every night. Thank you for all you give.


Hi Dawn,
Thanks for sharing with us. I knew you could use the re-inkers, but wasn't sure about the amount ot water. Thanks for the info. I will be trying this out this week-end. Love, love ,love all your videos--I have learned so much from you :)


Great ideas for dying ribbon!! Funny, I have run my ribbon across an ink pad but never thought to use a sponge to keep my fingers clean!!! Kudos for that one...LOL!!!


This is my first day to visit your blog and watch a couple of your videos. Thank you for sharing this. I'm going to give it a try.

Debbie McKelvey

It was nice to meet you at convention, I know you'll never remember us all. I enjoyed this tutorial, I knew about the reinkers but never thought to use a sponge and my ink pad. Thanks for the tip!

Hugs from AZ

Bridgett Owens

I have something for you at my blog. Go grab it, Dawn! It's just for you!!!


Great tutorial - and I LOVE your laugh when you get all inky!

I've been wondering about which ribbon colors to buy and now I know - LOTS of white. Then I've got every color to match my ink pads.

Thanks again Dawn.

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