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May 30, 2008


Diana Curtis

Great video. Thanks Dawn. At least we still get to see you on this page. Yeah!!!

Dawn Easton

Fantastic Dawn...I LOVE to watercolour and need to pull out the crayons again! Markers have made it way to easy ;)
Hope all gets fixed soon!


Dang I didn't know you could refill the pen after taking off the tip ...I was bringing the water up by the brush tip ...slow slow slow...I always learn something from your videos! Thanks Dawn, DD

Corinne (aka Roxy)

What an amazing tutorial by one amazing stamper !!! I'm definately going to pull out my watercolor crayons again....you reminded me how much fun they are to use !!1 Way to go, sweetie !!

Love ya lots and lots !


Great tutorial Dawn. I passed along your site to a friend who was asking Corinne about how to use water colour crayons. Corinne explained the process perfectly but your video will give her a visual. I let her know Typepad has been letting you down and that there were technical difuculties beyond your control. Sure hope this is resolved soon. Keep your chin up Dawn.


HI Dawn, This was sooo good...I am getting more and more interested in stamping again, as I come each day (sometimes 2-3 times a day...lol)You explain everything so well....you seem so relaxed as you teach us. I hope Typepad will get on the ball and get your site corrected for you soon...just doesn't seem fair...that they won't let you know what is going on with THEM...does it?? Well, have a great day...and thanks for all the fun!

Patricia h2ogardenlady

Anne Granger

I'm so sorry to hear what's happening with your blog. I have been checking all week and getting some weird things. I sure do miss your blog.
I will say a prayer for you in hope that Typepad will fix it soon.

Now I know to check this site,,,
Great Tutorial...

Becky Elfert

You make me want to bust out my watercolor crayons right now. Thanks for all your wonderful videos! I'll be back tomorrow.


Hi Dawn, I watch your video's faithfully & I don't know why, but I've not commented much. Soooo, I thought I should start doing that & let you know how much I appreciate the video's you do for us stampers. It's alot of work for you & great reference for us. Thanks for doing them.

baby cribs

Thanks for including the video. It was really nice of you. I want to try it out.

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