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May 31, 2008



Absoleutly adorable, what a terrific idea.



Hey Dawn, Glad to see your blog back. I've missed it this week. This teabag holder is so cute. I was thinking how the retired Apple Cider DP would look with a Apple spice teabag. Cute? I think so. Would make a really cute Christmas gift. Thanks for sharing and again welcome back.

Dawn Easton

Super cute and easy Dawn! Girl you make anything look easy with your video instructions....thanks for always sharing your FAB ideas!


I'm so---------glad your back!! Thanks for another great tutorial!! Have a great day.

Sharon King

Those are one of my favorite things to make...great tutorial. They also fit the Ghridellia chocolates(I know the sp is wrong but you know the chocolate)just perfect. Have a great day!
Sharon King
Concord, NC (formally Livonia, MI)


So happy to have you back. Your videos are the best.


I'm so glad your BACK!! You have become a part of my day everyday.
Thanks for all your cute ideas and loving your videos.
Have a great weekend!!


So glad that you are back and up and running. This is just darling and so creative as always. Really missed my daily time with Dawn.



It's great to have you back. I have missed my "daily fix" of Dawn :0)

Robin Moore

Hip Hip Horay Dawn. Ü So glad you are up and running again. I so enjoy hearing your perky wonderful voice and watching your lovely creations. Thanks for all that you do.

Sue Duffy

Thanks for another great one, Dawn!


FINALLY, something to look forward when opening my emails in the morning!!! I also get my emails on my blackberry...and I get so excited and ticked because I haven't figured out how to view everything on my device, but I know that there is a treat in my mailbox when I get to my computer!!!

Totally cute and love the Apple spice idea from Neppie too!


I finally learned how to post a comment! Whooppeee! Just wanted to pop in and tell you how much I love your teaching videos! It's such fun to make the projects along with you. Have a GREAT day Dawn!!

Dee  (OkieDee)

Can't wait to try this one..I will have to run back through the vid, cause I forgot the measurements...Great project!!! Thanks so much..I always look forward to your videos. Hugs, Dee in Oklahoma

Chris Reese

really, really, cute. Gotta make these for my co-workers/


I just love you! Thanks so much for sharing your talent :)


I just made this, and it is beeeeeeeeautiful!!
Thanks again, so much,for the tutorial, you are a star!!

Nanette Church

Hi Dawn, you mentioned the SCS, MI event, and I was wondering when that was and what it was. I live in SCS and can't believe I missed it! (unless it was a private function. Anyways, I am so happy to have you for inspiration. I made my mother, for her 79th birthday a box of birthday cards to send to family members. There were 44 of just our immediate family! I used a lot of your "tricks" & ideas and she thought it was just so creative. So thanks again,

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I love it~~ so cute, i will try to make another one by follow your guide video

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