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May 27, 2008



Dawn..........I just feel so bad for you. (((((((((Dawn)))))))))).
I have not seen any articles at all on your main blog...........no strange images or articles from other blogs. All that I see is the links on the left......and the main area of the blog is just blank.

Corinne (aka Roxy)

I haven't seen any strange images or articles either but this is definately weird !! No worries...we're not leaving you :)...you can't get rid of us that easily :)

Love ya

Diana Curtis

I will never leave... I will wait for you. That sounded kind of stalkerish, didn't it. Anyways I know it will be fixed soon. Stay strong Dawn.

Ellie Augustin

OH my sweetie(((HUGS)) I also had been having issues with Typepad and left them BUT goodness they need to fix yor blog ASAP or they gonna hear it from me they better FIX our Dawn's blog! ASAP.. We all shall all be here waiting with you my darling! :)

Dawn Easton

OH goodness girl...I'm sorry you are still not up and running...I'll just continue to check here ;)


I am going through withdrawal here. Hope it can be fixed asap. We need you for our daily dose of fun and frolick and ideas.

Kerry from PA

I'm sorry for you but I'm glad it wasn't just my pc. I thought sure I had screwed something up and was blocking all the info. I too just have a blank screen and if I click on your blog name/title (which usually takes me to the most recent post) all I see is "April 19, 2007" in blue (just in case that extra bit of info helps them solve the problem).

Mary P

I miss your blog postings. I was wondering if maybe you were on vacation. Hope your back to posting soon!


So glad to see that you're still posting - I thought something was wrong with my computer when I was seeing blog entries from 2006 and 2007. Whew... glad I clicked around to see if you were still doing your videos as they are a great source of inspiration and education/ah ha! moments for me. Hope Typepad fixes it soon so you can get back to your regularly scheduled 'Happy Stampin'" :)

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