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May 08, 2008


Ellie Augustin

you are such a smart cookie!!!!! I love it!! Thank you so much Dawn :)


Another great tutorial. I get up every morning to come check out your blog.
Where did you get those little pens?

Thanks for your inspiration.....

Dawn Easton

Oh girl...I haven't made these in so long but your video is super great and easy to follow. I'm going to see if my friend wants to make these with me for our Teacher Appreciation gifts to give out with their luncheon! FAB idea and thank you sooooooooooo much for sharing!!! You rock!

Susan Timchack

Woo Hoo! Great project...love those little pens...gotta get me some! Thanks again Dawn! You are the best!


Ohhhhhhhhh I really love this one........have seen the ones that have the pocket for the pen, but now that you made the video I can see how to do it. Thanks so much Dawn. This is so cute with the True Friend set and those colors!


This idea is SOOOO GREAT!!!!!!!! I'm doing one of these as gift to my son's teachers for the end of the year.
Thank you so much for sharing.


Dawn another fantastic tutorial. Been making these without the pen holder, will have to do some now with a pen holder. Thanks heaps, you do "ROCK". Marls


I, along with the above person who commented, also log onto my computer at work every morning and go straight to your blog to see what you've got for the day! GREAT work!


This is so cool. thanks for sharing

Alana Krull

Wow! Thats alot easier to do than it looks. Im going to have give that a try!! Thanks for sharing.


I love it great post it note holder
thanks for sharing this awesome 3D item


Kimberly J

Wow! You never cease to amaze me. You always break down the directions to make these projects look so easy. Thank you so much for taking the time to do these tutorials for the rest of us. I am a visual person and seeing everything getting done makes everything "Click" for me. :0)

Kim Holochak

Video Problems I watched it up to when you show how to take your scissors to cut it then it frezzes and can't go any further. You tube there was no sound when to it :( Thanks though I get up every morning look to see what you have for the day keep up the good work LOVE looking at your blog!!!! Kim


You must have a traffic jam at you blog every morning because I too head straight there. The post it note holder is great...but then again all your things have been. Thanks Dawn for what you are doing I know it takes time and effort. Being pretty new...I love it!!!!!

Hilda Masi

Dawn, I too look at your blog daily. I just love all your videos, and have made so many things from them. Thanks for sharing. Hilda


I love your blog...check every day to see what creation you have for us. This is once again a cute idea and one that you have made me feel like I can do. Thanks for teaching us and sharing your creations.


I love your blog...check every day to see what creation you have for us. This is once again a cute idea and one that you have made me feel like I can do. Thanks for teaching us and sharing your creations.

Dahlene Spencer

Dawn if you can only know how much I appreciate the time and talents you have to help others with thier creativity. I too look every morning for your fun ideas and projects.
Thank you so much! Please keep it up!!!!

Glenda J

Dawn, Thank you so much for typing out the measurements for this wonderful note pad holder. I really appreciated seeing the information in "black and white" since I sometimes miss it on the video. Thanks too for sharing all your wonderful projects. Where did you find the small pens to go in these holders? That looks better than the normal size pen. Thanks again!!


Another cute project. Thank you so much for sharing.


pats corner of the world

Another GREAT one. TFS. Love your video's

Nancy Koskovich

Dawn, I can't tell you how much I appreciate your videos!!! My days seem so busy and when I watch your videos and start to create my own I feel so much better!!! Bless You!!!! Nancy

Denise G

Loved the tutorial. Thank you for sharing. I too, didn't catch where you purchased the smaller pens.... can you post tht for us? I hope to make one of these in the morning. Again, thank you for the great tutorials!
Denise G

Amanda Kowalker


You've done it again! I love this idea, and you've made it so simple so that we all can do it! I had an idea to go with it, I hope you don't mind...but I was thinking if you wanted to give it to someone to carry in their purse (or for yourself) so it doesn't get too banged up, you could cover it with clear contact paper before you do your cutting for the pen holder and that would protect it a bit while it's ruffed around in your purse. :) Just an idea. And I guess you probably wouldn't want to use the dimentionals but it would still be cute and preserve it like it was laminated. :)

Always love all your projects and ideas! Thanks so much for all you do!



Thank you for your wonderful ideas and great video tutorials. They are fun to watch and I can't wait til the next one!

Cori Kistner

The post-it note cover is toooo cute. Do you adhere the post-it notes to it with anything?

Pat limberg

As always a great video TFS

Mary Ann (mastamper from SCS)

Thanks for another great tutorial. I love your Post It Note and Pen holder!


super cute!!! awesome!! these will make super teacher appreciation gifts!!



Hi Dawn - tfs the tutorial - these are the cutest things ever - just one comment - the measuremet for the whisper white base should be 7 3/8 by 3 3/4 (not 3 1/4)



I made these with my kids at school for Father's Day gifts. I totally forgot to take a photo of them but there is one on my blog that I made while demonstrating. Mine are a little more simpler than these, because the kids are mostly special needs kids. They turned out great though.

Nancy Riley

Excellent tutorial, Dawn! Easy to follow and informative! Thought you might be interested in seeing that I used your tutorial to make a post-it-note holder for a class project ... http://stampinat6213.blogspot.com/2008/06/june-stamp-class-projects.html

Thank you so much for the inspiration!

Angie from Oz

I am SO new at scrapbooking AND disabled but I think even I can manage this. THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU!

Alice Wessinger

I can tell you how much I love your videos, the instruction are so clear and easy to follow. I like cards that something moves, or swing out or up. Please, Please keep them coming. Have fun at convention. Oh, where it you get the mini pens?


Ooh Dawn, you make such a wonderfull things! Thanks for charing them with us ;-)


You are amazing! I just recently found your website and just love everything you do. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us.

Linda Santy

Sorry but the video stops after a few seconds each time I try to watch it. But I copied your measurements and I think I can figure it out. Thanks for all your wonderful tutorials!

Ninotchka Freer

Great idea for holiday's gifts.

Can I have the template, I wasn't able to measure it the right way.

Tks for sharing and for all your awesome ideas.

Robyn Cotterill

Thankyou Dawn for sharing this and for the excellent video. I have finally decided what to do this afternoon...lots of these for my sisters and sister in laws!!

Chai Dackermann

I love your videos. I think you do a great job. Thanks for sharing.

Kathy Olivella  (ladybub)

You are AWESOME!!!!


Finally, tbe post-it note holder is made simple and clear for me!!! Thanks so much. Can't wait until card exchange!!

Liz Anton

Great video and demonstration! Can't wait to try this out! Thanks!




Thanks so much for sharing! You are very talented.

thomas sabo

Thank you for your wonderful ideas and great video tutorials. They are fun to watch and I can't wait til the next one!

Lu Flynn

I stumbled across your website & immediately put you in my favourites. Your videos & instructions are amazing & so helpful. I especially love the way you give all the dimensions for each card. Keep up the great work. Your newest fan.




I just saw your post it note idea and love it. However when I came to your site I could not get the video at all. Any suggestions.

Beautiful work I love it


Hello fellow card maker, I want you to know that I really appreciate the videos and ideas that I got just by looking at your website. Keep up the GOOD WORK!!!

Angela Timms

Thanks so much for taking the time to do this tutorial-I am so excited to give it a try-TOODLES-Angela


What a great idea!! Post it note & pen holder. I really appreciate the kind of topics you post here

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