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April 06, 2008



Beautiful card, Dawn! I love what you did with this set and I love the flaps! Thanks for sharing! You're fabulous!


What a great card Dawn. This would make a great 'Anything' card but I love the patriotic look to this one. TFS

Sarah Darrigan

What a cute card. Thanks for sharing and I love the flaps.


This is just awesome Dawn! I would never attempt a double flap card if I hadnt watched your video. So cute with the stars!! You gotta love Lee Greenwood........and the song too!! He performed it at our fair one year. Very touching!!

Alana Krull

Awesome card!! I love all you do for the troops. The song brings back memories when I was at DH's OSUT graduation.


Beautiful card, beautiful music. I love this stamp set, it's definitly a "must have" now that I've seen your card. Thanks for all the great ideas/projects/ and tutorials.


Hi Dawn...
You got me again with the music- I am getting chills watching this video! Lovely card and very clever fold out. You are such a special person reminding all of us on how important frredom in this country really is. Our family flies our flags daily- and always will. Ok- now, i'm crying again- until nect time!

Sharon Canter

WOW!!!The card is just gorgeous!! What an awesome way to stamp by having Lee Greenwood sing while you are stamping a patriotic card! Thanks for sharing......your tutorials are just wonderful...so easy to follow and stamp along with. AND I am proud to be a Christian first and an American second!!!!!!!

Silvia from Germany

Hi Dawn,
this ist a very gorgeous card. Your tutorials are easy an wunderfull.
The music of the video is fantastic.
Thank you for all your great ideas.
Silvia from Germany


I luv these videos Dawn, its like being in your class & learning from you first hand! This card is awesome! I have a small portable DVD player that I could use in my craft room, would your DVD's play on that? I think they would if its like a regular DVD movie, what do you think? Thanks so much for doing these video tutorials.


I'm Proud to be an American too!!! Great tutorial today Dawny, I really enjoyed it. Thanks for doing these.
Angel hugs


AWWW Dawn,
I don't comment here very often even though I love your projects. But I had to comment today as that song by Lee Greenwood always makes me cry, the big grateful, my heart is so full, kind.
Thanks so much for sharing your talents with all of us.

Nancy Koskovich

Dawn, loved the card what I could see through the tears! I love this song it is one of my favs! And yes I am proud of everyone that died so I can be free, thank God for our forefathers that didn't take that freedom for granted. And thank God for those still fighting that so many more men women and children can taste freedom! And to Jesus who paid the ultimate price for our freedom! Sorry I didn't mean to go on and on... :) Thanks so much! Nancy

Liann M.

You are the best...Thank you for sharing...you are an inspiration and a very talented lady...I need to try this card it is real cute...Happy Stamping....aloha Liann


Amazing as usual Dawn. Thanks for taking the time again to share your ideas with us. You make things so much easier by showing us how to do it.



Diane Lapointe

Hi there, I was just sent here by Lorie from Live Lov Laugh and she was saying you have great tutrials...boy was she right! Can't wait to try them!!! This card is awesome!

Tashana Lundy

I love this card. What a great tutorial. You are awsome!!!

Love the song on the video.


Hi Dawn,
I love love love all the cards that you make.
You get from me a Award.
Take a look at my blog.
Greetings Tamara

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