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April 19, 2008



So cute....thanks for another fabulous video...keep 'em comin'...and congrats to the winners on the card blog! Love those pens!


These are so cute Dawn! Thanks for sharing!

Dawn Easton

Very cool Dawn! I've been given these as gifts before but now I'll make my own ;)
Thanks for sharing!


Very cute idea. Love your blog.

Cheryl O

Hi Dawn-

Cute, cute, super cute! I feel so blessed to of found your blog. I look forward to checking in each day!

Cheryl O


Love hearing that cheery "Hi Stampers", just makes my day.
Thank you for all your hard work!


You are just so cleaver, Dawn.
I ran right out to the Dollar Tree and got my flowers.
I went to Target and got $1 buckets to put them in. Just too cute for words. What a nice Mother's Day gift they will make.
Thanks so much for sharing.


OOPS! I mean clever Dawn.


lol! stores started doing this to keep ppl from walking off with their pens. it took me FOREVER to figure out those vases were pens! :) our grocery store changes them with the seasons.

i made ghost pencils one year for my son's preschool class. that was fun, too!


Kadie Labadie

Okay Dawn....you were truly giving me a HEART-ATTACK with that pair of scissors in this video. Working in Health Care for as long as I have...I was sure you were going to end up stabbing yourself - and all I could see is a big old bandage cover your hand for your next video. GLAD it all worked out. YIPPPIEE. You crack me up girl! The project was ROCKIN COOL. Thanks for sharing that idea with us :-) Kadie

Gail S.

I LOVE your blog and try to look at it every day! You have sooooo many ideas....keep them coming for us that need all the help we can get. Thanks. Gail

Renee V. (happystamper05)

Dawn - I visit your blog everyday and it's always a treat! I love your videos - they're awesome! Have a great day!

Sue Duffy

Thanks, Dawn! Very cool.


You are so crafty. I visit your site everyday even when I was on vacation. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent.
Take care and God bless you.

Janet Olson

These work great. I made these for our store because it was so easy for everyone to carry the pens to the back room, or office so there were no pens left for customers to sign the invoices or credit
card slips. The bouquet on the counter looks cute. I used red roses from the dollar store.


Great job on this tutorial!

I made a pot of these flower pens for my mother about 10 years ago, and she just loved them! The grandkids were always wandering off with her pens and she couldn't find one when she needed one. These didn't wander off nearly as quickly!

She passed away two years ago and at least half of the flowers were still left in the pot. There were two dozen to start with.

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