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March 18, 2008



Wowza, girlie !! I have always loved these cards but never felt confident enough to tackle one....guess what !!! You gave me CONFIDENCE !!!! I'll definately be making one of these now !!! LOVE YA !!!!


Your videos are awesome Dawn. I will be giving you a ton of credit next stamp class. Thanks for all your efforts.

Ellie Augustin

OK Dawn feeling nervous about this! lol.. hmm lets see how many times I am going to rewind your video before I get it!! I just got this set too!! YEAHHHH so I get to try it out.. OHHHH man... Let see what I do :)

Thank you darling you are soooooooo awesome!


Yea! What a great idea. This would be great for invitations...the top slider could be for what the party is for and the bottom could be all the details...love this!



Dawn, seriosuly, where do you come up with these great ideas? I love it! I can't wait to make some. Thanks for the great tutorial!

Stephanie Hargis

My word! That is one amazing card! I can't wait to try my own! Thanks so much Dawn! Oh...I was also wondering...where do you get all of your great smilies?

Linda L

Wow Dawn...that was just great...I would love to make one of those....your tutorial is going to be a huge help. Thanks!

Sara in WI

OK! Now I know how these are made. Thanks so much!


Dawn - Just when I thought you couldn't possibly have any more ideas - GUESS WHAT - You come up with yet another AMAZING IDEA! You are the rockin coolest chicky-la-la in the UNIVERSE. When I was watching you attach the grocery bag stripes I thought.....Get on with it-but now....I totally understand why you went to get lengths to make sure it was all lined up. GOES TO SHOW YOU.....You know your stuff and you are by all counts-THE ROCKIN COOLEST. Thanks for sharing another awesome idea. Kadie

Sue Duffy

Another fantastic tutorial! I guess I'm going to have to subscribe now. ;-D


great tutorial... i had to try it out...


Dawn, I love this idea...so cool.


Carol Hinton

This is really a different type of slider card. Love it! TFS.


How totally cool!! This is awesome as a video-- makes me want to make one tonight. Love, love, love your blog. I look forward to seeing what is new.


Once again, you have made something look so easy that I grabbed my paper, ink and plastic bag andthe next thing I knew I had a slider card. Yeah Dawn!!!! Thanks for sharing your amazing talents and for taking the time to video the process which makes things much easier to follow!!!!

You Rock!!!! Dawn is rated " A " for AWESOME!!!!

Mary C. Anderson

Your card is beautiful, your tutorial is awesome and you are amazing.

Have a Blessed Easter Dawn.



now that is a awesome card.............my family and friends will be very impressed when they get these!!!

Thanks for your videos!!!!!


I'm totally amazed ! thank you for sharing and for this excellent tutorial !


Dawn, You absolutely ROCK!! I just made the card. Your tutorial made it so easy. I can't wait to make more!! Thank you. Stacey


Hi Dawn, you are so talented. I love hoping on your site, it keeps me busy for hours. I made one of these cards straight away. My little 8 yr old, Caitlin, had to make one too. She loved it. Needless to say hers took a little longer to make than mine. I have this feeling a second one is one the agenda for her friend at school. There is so much more room for her to decorate with stamps, stickers and whatever else she can find. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas with all of us. Have a great week, Marls


Hey Dawn... I tried this card but the inside buckles when I try to open it. I followed all the instructions, and was wondering if you had any idea why this was happening...could it be because the cardstock was not stiff enough? I want to use this card as the invitation to my DD's graduation party and have a picture pop up and the information pop down...so I really want to get it to work!!! Any ideas?


WOO HOO vindication!!!! I did it...I did it! AND I am teaching others how to do it now!!!! It was the Cheapo Depot cardstock that screwed me up!!!


WOO HOO vindication!!!! I did it...I did it! AND I am teaching others how to do it now!!!! It was the Cheapo Depot cardstock that screwed me up!!!

Shelley Evetts

I've always wanted to do a slider, but haven't as of yet. After watching this video, I am so making one today! Thank you so much for all of your time and effort in making these wonderful videos. So inspirational.

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Debbie Papin

Dawn, Great video, another great job! I love all your videos they are so inspiring and wonderful. Keep up the good work and thank you so much for sharing.


Hi Dawn.. I like your cards and they way u teach them.. Can u plz help me with this.. What plastic grocery bag u are using in this...

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