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December 29, 2011



You are so funny!! I am so glad I'm not the only one who messes up. Thank you for sharing.


I love these blooper videos!!! You always appear to have it all together, so it's nice to know you're just like everybody else! LOL!

Hope Mitchell

You make your videos look easy but obviously it's not that simple! These are so entertaining, especially the one you did not redo.



Julie Di gregorio

dawn your priceles!!!!!!
I hope I get too meet you one day at convention!!!
I am actualy going to my first one in canberra in may next year with my upline Vanessa Webb oh what fun we are going to have
take care funny lady
julie xxx

Judy G.

Dawn -- thank you so much for the smiles. You show that it is ok to make a mistake now and then and still have a beautiful product. The point where you went to cut the paper at 11 1/4" reminded me of something my Dad used to say (he was a carpenter) -- 'I have cut the board three times now and it is still too short.' Thank you for ALL that you do!!!! All the best in the new year.


I giggled the whole way through! At least ya didn't swear...haaaa!

Nancy S

To Err is Human! Love watching your videos, bloopers or not! At least you have more will power not to swear, I think I would be cursing through the whole video.


Thank you, Dawn! Sometimes I feel like such a klutz. I have often thought how coordinated you are, putting little adhesive bits and pieces on your fingers to transfer to your cardstock, etc. It does my heart good to know even you can have an "off" day. Maybe there's hope for me! And with all your talent, you still have a beautiful sense of humor! Your giggle makes me giggle!

Mrs. Carol Held

"Bloopers" in card making I compare to riding our "Harley's"! It's what we make of it, right! When I start a card, or board my "Softtail Deluxe", my prayer remains the same, " Lord, help me to enjoy the ride"! You always seem to be enjoying " the ride"! Keep on encouraging us card makers! Laughter IS the best medicine! Thanks Dawn
Carol the Canadian Card Maker!!

Margery Meadows

Dawn: I have had a terrible day. Came across this and was cracking up by the time it got to the end. Thanks so much for letting us see your imperfections. I know that the videos you do are so time-consuming, but this was such a delightful view of how hard you work and I was falling off my chair laughing by the time I got to the end. You are great! Keep up the good work

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