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October 15, 2009


Sheila Edwards


Thanks so much for the video on this. I have the frame and I the link that you sent me so I am going to try that way too. Your voice still doesn't sound good. I hope you are following dr's orders and resting it. Take care and God bless!


MaryJo Marshall

thanks for the video...take care of your voice.

Gina Wrona

will watch at lunch, but I hope you rest your voice so we can work it at our GNO on Saturday Night!

Gina Wrona

amazing! I never would have thought that you cut out the shape from the folder.


A little tip. I made an instruction on one of my blogs a while ago about how to do something like this.
Unfortunately, is written in Swedish, but maybe you can translate it by google?? In this way you do not have to cut out and "destroy" the embossingfolder. I used a cuttlebug when i made my instruction. Just want to say that you make the most amazing things and I have followed you for a long time. Thanks for all the inspiration. Hugs from Sweden.


Oh, it hurts just listening to you talk! I do pray you will be well soon. It also hurt a little to see the embossing folder cut! I don't think I can do that! :o(

Lori McBurney

Sorry about your voice! I love your card. I just wanted to mention that there is a tutorial on this technique that does not require you to cut the folder. I saw it on Patty's Stamping Spot. I think you know Patty from pictures I saw from Founders Circle 2009. She has done it both ways, cutting the folder and not cutting the folder. http://pattystamps.com/pattys_stamping_spot/2009/09/tutorial-altered-textured-impressions-folder-you-are-going-to-love-it.html


Thanks for sharing. I loved it. Good work.

Linda Shattuck

Hi Dawn, I noticed on this video that you are cutting your embossing folders, NO NEED!There is another way where you do not have to do this! If you by the premade shapes, oval, circle,square, etc. from the dollar stores or make your own out of chipboard, this will work. You just put the premade one in the embossing folder with your cardstock and this works perfect. That way you do not have to cut all of your embossing folders, you can just use the premade one, which I bought from the dollar store, they are premade shapes, but like I said after I got them home I realized you can make your own out of chipboard. You used the center parts, but the premade ones is the whole frame, they work great, save you alot of money too!! Hope this works for you!


Hey Dawn, here is another way that someone showed us at Stampin'Palooza earlier this month.


This way you don't have to cut the embossing folder.

 Becky Green

I've NEVER seen anyone CUT their embossing folder! I thought you could just lay a piece of cardboard in there! :/ Thanks for showing us! WOOOOOW!!!!!!!! :)

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