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February 19, 2009



Hi Dawn, I had tried staming on candles without success, but with the tips from your video I know the next candle will work out perfectly.

Thanks so much.

PS:Love your nail polish;)


Hello Dawn,
thank you for this video.
I love your website!!
the lord bless you


Love your website Dawn!! I always look forward to what you're going to teach us next. :) Question on the candle stamping: is there a right and wrong side to stamp on when it comes to tissue paper? Does cheap tissue work just as well as the better quality tissue? Thank you.

Debi Pippin

Dawn you are always a bright spot in my day. I start the morning with checking your blog first. Thanks for sharing all that you do. May God bless you richly! Just wanted you to know that you are one special lady.

love ya
Debi Pippin


I love this Dawn you have such wonderful ideas.. I am going to use this to make gifts for my daughters wedding shower.. question is there a right side and wrong side of the wax paper? thanks so much Tracy

LeAnne S.

You make it look so easy! You truly are an inspiration & a very special lady for sharing with us!

I too wondered if we're supposed to put the inked side of the tissue paper up or down before wrapping with the wax paper.

Thank you again Dawn for sharing with us!

Dawn Griffith

Answer: I use dollar store candles and they burn kinda funny Unlike the more expensive ones ( ya know ?) they burn more in the center of the candle and don't seem to burn around the edges so much . I haven't had an issues with the ones I have made previously. But of course all candles are not made the same so I would recommend not burning un supervised Just in case the tissue paper reacts to the burning :)

Maria Jesus

Hi Dawn
your blog is great :) i want to try and stamp the candle :)



Thank you so much for this tutorial. I have seen this technique and wondered on to do it and now I can't wait to go buy some candles and try it out.

Kim W in NC

Hi Dawn! Thanks for pointing me to this link and video. My candles look ENORMOUSLY better now! You da best! Thanks!

Becky Green

HOW COOL IS THAT????? LOVE IT! This WOULD make a WONDERFUL GIFT! Thanks Dawn! :)


Why does my tissue paper come off after few hours...pls help

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