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January 03, 2009



Good Morning Dawn, great video I just love the (5 mim look).This look very interesting, you do such a wonderful job thank so much for shareing. (PS your nail look great)Hope mom doing fine.
Deborah king


Dawn I have the spritzer but no clue how to use it to make a card ...
Have you made a card with this tool??? Love to see it! D


This is very interesting. Could make a rainbow card with it. Like the new look to the videos especially enlarging it. Thank you vickie

Kim M

I never thought to clean it afterwards!!! Thanks for the tip!! I enjoy your videos.

Lorena Orellana

great video Dawn, thank you for the the step by step tutorial on using some great products.


Hi Dawn,
Because I watched your video yesterday (Sat) on how to use the spritzer I ordered it last night! (along with a lot of other things). :)

Love your videos!


Maryvel Friesen

Thank you so much for this video! I have been wondering for the longest time how that thing worked! Now I know! Love it! It will go in my next order for sure! Thank you kindly!

Gina Wrona

Will the journal markers work the same?

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